Class 3


General Knowledge


By - SR. Vijaya C.M.C

General Knowledge Times for Class 3 (2024 Edition)

ISBN/SKU: 9789357262385

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About the Book

Embark on an exhilarating expedition of knowledge with Explorers' Guide to General Knowledge for Class 3, meticulously curated to cater to the educational requirements of young learners following the CBSE curriculum. Authored by Sr. Vijaya C.M.C., an esteemed educator renowned for her expertise in elementary education, this book promises to spark curiosity and nurture a profound understanding of the world around us.

Salient Features:

  1. CBSE Aligned Content: Tailored to perfectly align with the CBSE curriculum, ensuring seamless integration into the academic syllabus for Class 3 students.

  2. Engaging Learning Environment: Enhanced with captivating illustrations, interactive activities, and stimulating exercises to captivate young minds and enrich their learning journey.

  3. Concise Conceptual Clarity: Presents intricate concepts in a concise and comprehensible manner, laying a robust foundation of general knowledge and cognitive skills essential for holistic development.

  4. Exploratory Adventures: Offers an array of exploratory adventures, puzzles, and quizzes designed to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity among students.

  5. Interdisciplinary Exploration: Explores a diverse spectrum of subjects including science, history, geography, literature, and more, fostering a holistic understanding of various domains.

  6. Comprehensive Teacher Support: Supported by supplementary materials and teaching aids to empower educators in delivering engaging lessons and facilitating dynamic classroom interactions.


  • CBSE Aligned Content
  • Engaging Learning Environment
  • Concise Conceptual Clarity
  • Exploratory Adventures
  • Interdisciplinary Exploration
  • Comprehensive Teacher Support

Explorers' Guide to General Knowledge for Class 3 transcends the realms of a mere textbook, offering a gateway to exploration, discovery, and enlightenment. Invest in this invaluable resource to empower young learners with knowledge and equip them for academic excellence and lifelong learning endeavors

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Format Physical Book
Type Course Book
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