Scan, Watch & Learn

Scan, Watch & Learn


QR Code

Enter the code printed below the QR Code printed in the book to access the learning content.

Activation Code

Enter the Activation Code to activate the book to access all the content through the QR Code available in the book.

Voucher Code

Enter the Voucher Code provided by our sales team to activate the online resources of the book.

To Access Digital Resource

QR Codes are strategically placed alongside every topic, subtopic, activity, and experiment, providing video explanations for enhanced learning.

For Students

Please enter the "Activation/Voucher Code" available in the book. Students user can use ISBN number to activate the online support as printed on the back cover of the book.

For Teachers

Please enter the "Voucher Code" to activate the online resource. Teachers can reach out to our sales & and marketing team for the voucher code provided for the books supplied by Goyal Brothers Prakashan.

Where To Find Activation Code

Find the activation code on the top right corner of the book printed by Goyal Prakash Brothers to easily access the online resource on your mobile or PC.

Where to Find ISBN Code

To access the online resources, locate the ISBN code at the back and on the bottom right corner of the books printed by the Goyal Prakash Brothers.

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