Class 9




By - B K Singh

A Complete Course in Mathematics for Class 9

ISBN/SKU: 9788194465256

Key Highlights

  • CBSE Aligned Syllabus & Examination Pattern
  • Case Study Based Questions for Practical Application
  • Expert Tips and Hints for Concept Clarity
  • MCQs for Interactive Learning
  • QR Code-linked Video Lectures by Author
  • Comprehensive Self-Evaluation and Recap Sections
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About the Book

The revised edition of the book entitled "A Complete Course in Mathematics for Class IX" has been written strictly according to the latest Syllabus & Examination Pattern prescribed by CBSE, New Delhi for the academic year 2022•23 and onwards, Efforts have been made to present the subject matter in a manner that after reading this book, even students of average or below average caliber would not face any difficulty in passing the examinations With flying colours. Plenty Of Case Study Based Questions, which are an integral part of the new examination pattern, have also been incorporated.

Some Salient Features Of the Book are:

  • The book is strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE for the academic year 2022-23.
  •  The text (Definitions, Concepts, Theorems, etc.) has been explained systematically and logically by giving ample number Of variety Of Solved Examples and Exercises.
  •  All the difficult questions (from NCERT, NCERT Exemplar and other parallel books) have been either solved or provided with the Hints. Author's Tip to highlight important points have been given.
  • Handy Hints, wherever required, have been incorporated.
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQS) have been added for better understanding of the lesson.
  • Synopsis to recapitulate the main concepts learnt in the Chapter has been given.
  • Chapter-wise Self Evaluation Tests—have been given to revise the Whole chapter at one go.
  • In each chapter, Case Study Based Questions have been given.
  • Video Lectures (through QR codes) by the author provide the solutions of difficult questions.
  • I would like to extend my gratitude to entire Goyal Brothers Prakashan Editorial team and IT team.
  • Editorial team's suggestions and contributions have helped me in bringing out this edition of the book in such an excellent form.
  • I have tried my best to keep the book free from mistakes or errors.
  • Still I Will be grateful to the readers who point out any error and omission which, in spite of all care, might have inadvertently crept in.
  • It is hoped that this book will meet the requirements of the students, teachers and parents alike.
  • Suggestions and constructive criticism for the Improvement of the book Will be highly appreciated.
  • You may send your concerns and/or valuable inputs.

B K Singh




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