Class 10


Information Technology


By - Sayan Banerjee

Fundamentals of Information Technology MS Office for Class 10

ISBN/SKU: 9789395941839

Key Highlights

  1. CBSE-Aligned Proficiency: Comprehensive coverage aligned with CBSE standards, ensuring a strong foundation in Information Technology for Class 10 students.

  2. MS Office Mastery: In-depth exploration of Microsoft Office applications, fostering practical proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

  3. Practical Digital Literacy: Focus on developing practical digital literacy skills essential for modern academic and professional environments.

  4. Real-Life Application: Connects theoretical knowledge to real-world applications, preparing students for practical use of MS Office in diverse scenarios.

  5. Problem-Solving Emphasis: Encourages problem-solving skills through the application of Information Technology tools, fostering critical thinking.

  6. Educator Empowerment: Equips teachers with clear instructions and supplementary materials, facilitating effective teaching experiences for Class 10 students studying Information Technology with a focus on MS Office.

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About the Book

This book titled "Fundamentals of Information Technology for Class 10 [Subject Code: 402]" fulfills all the needs and requirements of the latest syllabus released by the CBSE and it also comprises the recommendations of the National Education Policy 2020 which focusses on development of critical thinking, life skills, problem solving skills, experiential learning, etc.

Salient features of this book are:
• As per the latest curriculum and examination pattern prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
• The book is divided into two sections:
• Part A deals with the Employability Skills with chapters on the units: Communication Skills - 11, Self-Management Skills - II, ICT Skills - II, Entrepreneurial Skills - II and Green Skills - II.
• Part B deals with the Subject Specific Skills consists of four units. These units are Digital Documentation (Advanced), Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced), Database Management System and Web Applications and Security.
• The first three units of Part B are based on MS Office suite of software. The version of this application used is MS Office 2010. These chapters of Part B respectively use the MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access software.

Some of the features inside the chapters are:
• Chapter content which has been kept logical to meet the requirements of the tech-savvy students.
• Activity provides a useful way to check the knowledge given practically.
• Fact gives an interesting historical fact related to the matter.
• Did You Know? provides an interesting piece of knowledge to get them interested.
• Summary summarises the chapter at its end.
• Every chapter has its accompanying exercise. Also, each unit ends with its Question Bank consisting of competency based question, very short, short, long questions, etc.

Video Lectures
• Chapterwise video lectures are given for the students to understand better.
• In order to access videos, Download Merit Box Android App from Playstore. Scan the QR code given in the chapter to watch the videos through the MERIT Box Android Mobile App.

Online Support
• E-books (for teachers only)

Teacher's Resource Book
• Overview of the chapters • Lesson plan • Answers of the exercise

We hope that this book will meet the needs and requirements of the students and teachers as laid down in the syllabus. Any suggestions for further improvement of the book will be most welcomed.


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