Class 10




By - Dr. Chand Seth

Gateway to Science Chemistry with Video Lectures for Class 10

ISBN/SKU: 9789389749571

Key Highlights

  1. CBSE-Aligned Excellence: Comprehensive coverage aligned with CBSE standards, ensuring a strong foundation in Chemistry for Class 10 students.

  2. Video Lecture Enrichment: Visual learning experience enhanced with video lectures by Dr. Chand Seth, providing additional clarity and depth to key concepts.

  3. Foundational Concept Exploration: In-depth exploration of fundamental chemical concepts, ensuring a robust understanding of key topics in Chemistry.

  4. Real-Life Application: Connects theoretical knowledge to real-world applications, fostering a practical understanding of Chemistry in everyday scenarios.

  5. Assessment for Mastery: Thoughtfully designed assessments for continuous improvement, reinforcing understanding and mastery of Chemistry.

  6. Educator Empowerment: Equips teachers with clear instructions and supplementary materials, facilitating effective teaching experiences for Class 10 students studying Chemistry.

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About the Book

Gateway to Science—Chemistry for class IX has been written strictly according to the latest syllabus and examination pattern prescribed by the central board of Secondary Education (CBSE). While preparing the book, our aim has been to promote understanding of the basic principles of chemistry, and at the same time, retain the excitement of the students.

This student-friendly book teaches Chemistry in such an interesting and comprehensive manner that even an average student will have no difficulty in grasping the fundamental concepts of the subject.

The most important feature of this book is the ample practice of variety of questions which are necessary to assess the learning abilities of the students.

Salient features of the book are:


  • Strictly according to the latest CBSE syllabus and examination pattern
  • Clear, simple and easy language
  • Topic-wise video lectures as a support for effective learning
  • Attractive illustrations/pictures that help the learners to further clarify the concept
  • Concepts supplemented by suitable day-to-day examples
  • A large number of chemical reactions described along with experimental observations
  • Sample problems with their solutions as asked in the examination
  • Highlighted important terms and definitions
  • Key Points at the end of each chapter
  • Interesting and informative text under DID you know?
  • Easily understandable chapters – divided into subparts.
  • Well-designed exercises to assess conceptual, reasoning skill and application-based learning as per the latest recommendations of the CBSE board
  • Exhaustive questions for each chapter categorised into:

(i) Multiple-choice questions (ii) Assertion and Reason (iii) Very short answer type questions (iv) Short answer type questions (v) Long answer type questions (vi) Passage-based questions (vii) Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions (viii) Case study based questions

We hope that the book will provide a meaningful way of learning the subject, thereby making the whole process of understanding chemistry a joyful experience. It is also hoped that the book will meet the requirements of both the students and the teachers.

Suggestions and constructive criticism for the improvement of the book shall be highly appreciated.


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