Class 4


General Aptitude


By - R. S. Dhauni

Know your Aptitude For Class 4

ISBN/SKU: 9789389287134

Key Highlights

  • Interactive Learning: Engages young learners with vibrant visuals, interactive puzzles, and enjoyable exercises, transforming learning into a delightful and immersive experience.

  • Early Cognitive Development: Fosters early cognitive development by introducing key aptitude concepts in an age-appropriate manner, nurturing the intellectual curiosity of young minds.

  • Educational Play: Blends education with play, allowing children to learn while having fun, fostering a positive attitude toward learning and exploration.

  • Parental Involvement: Provides parents with opportunities to actively participate in their child's learning journey, reinforcing key aptitude skills in a supportive home environment.

  • Foundation for Future Learning: Establishes a strong foundation for future academic success by developing essential mental abilities crucial for advanced learning in higher grades.

  • Positive Learning Experience: Creates a positive learning experience, nurturing a love for learning and problem-solving, essential skills that contribute to lifelong educational success.

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About the Book

Aptitude is an innate or acquired or learned or developed component of a competency to do a certain kind of work at a certain level.

The revised edition of the series Know Your Aptitude for Classes 1 to 10 has been designed to check and improve General Aptitude of the learner.

Each book for Classes 1 and 2 covers the following topics in a well graded and logical manner:

Matching               • Sorting
• Classification       • Ordering
• Patterns                • Shadows
• Tiles                      • Quantitative Quiz

By going through these books, the learner will

(i) actually improve his/her mental ability

(ii) develop speed

(iii) gain self-confidence to perform better

(iv) identify his/her weaknesses and overcome them

(v) gain the skills needed to perform the best in exam.

Every effort has been made to make these books student^friendly. If used properly, these could develop and actually improve learner’s mental ability and quantitative aptitude. Books in this series have been very well graded and structured. These books will help the learner in quick decision making and improving his mental ability. These books will further help in establishing logical and analytical relationship and arrive at the correct solution.

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