Class 7




By - Dr. S. K. Aggarwal

Learning Elementary Biology for Class 7

ISBN/SKU: 9789395941112

Key Highlights

  • Interactive Exercises: Engages students with interactive exercises that challenge their understanding and encourage active participation.

  • Visual Learning: Enhances comprehension through visually appealing illustrations, diagrams, and experiments. Visual aids facilitate better understanding of complex biological processes.

  • Critical Thinking: Promotes critical thinking and creative application of biological concepts. Encourages students to explore and experiment, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject.

  • Quick Revision: Facilitates quick revision through "Highlights in Review" sections at the end of each chapter. Enables students to reinforce their learning and prepare for assessments effectively.

  • Teacher Support: Provides comprehensive solutions for teachers, ensuring effective guidance and support in the teaching process. Enables teachers to facilitate engaging classroom discussions and assessments.

  • Continuous Improvement: Welcomes suggestions and constructive feedback for ongoing enhancement. Committed to incorporating valuable inputs in future editions to further enrich the learning experience.

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About the Book

The series Learning Elementary Biology for Classes 6 to 8 has been revised strictly according to the latest curriculum. The content of this series has been developed to fulfill the requirement of all the six domains (Concepts, Processes, Applications, Attitudes, Creativity and World-view) of Science. It would help to make teaching and learning of Biology interesting, understandable an enjoyable for young minds. This series builds a solid foundation for learners to prepare them for the higher classes.

The main strength of the series lies in the concept coverage and enhancement of digital support. Emphasis has been laid upon mastering the fundamental principles of Biology, rather than specific procedures.

Unique features of this series are:
~ The concept of book is written in a very simple and easy to understand language.
~ All the Key Concepts in New ICSE curriculum have been systematically covered in each chapter.
~ Each theme has been divided into chapters followed by thought-provoking and engaging exercises to test the knowledge, understanding and applications of the concepts learnt in that chapter. The exercises are aligned with the guidelines provided in National Education Policy (NEP 2020).
~ Explanations, illustrations, diagrams, and experiments have been included to make the subject more interesting, comprehensive and appealing.
~ Diagrams, illustrations and text have been integrated to enhance comprehension.
~ Definitions and other important information and facts are highlighted.
~ Throughout the series, investigations related to the text enable the learners to learn through experimentation.
~ Quick revision of each chapter has been given under the caption "Highlights in Review''.

Online Support
It provides :
~ Video lectures
~ Unit-wise interactive exercises
~ Chapterwise Worksheet
~ Solution of textbook questions (for Teachers only)
~ E-Book (for Teachers only)

hope this series would meet the needs and requirements of the curriculum to achieve the learning outcomes as laid down in the curriculum.
Suggestions and constructive feedback for the further improvement of the book shall be gratefully acknowledged and incorporated in future edition of the book.


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