Class 6


Computer Science


By - Gurpreet S. Grewal

Online With Computers Course Book for Class 6

ISBN/SKU: 9788183891202

Key Highlights

  • Interactive Learning: Engage with vibrant illustrations and practical exercises, transforming complex computer concepts into interactive, accessible lessons.

  • Efficient Problem-Solving: Master time-saving shortcuts and insightful 'Hot Hints,' empowering students to navigate challenges with confidence and efficiency.

  • Enriched Knowledge Base: Explore additional information through 'Knowledge Key,' enhancing understanding and broadening horizons in the realm of software and technology.

  • Safety and Awareness: Benefit from 'Warning' sections, ensuring a safe learning environment by guiding students away from potential pitfalls and errors.

  • Digital Exploration: Access curated 'Websites to Visit' for deeper insights, encouraging exploration of online resources and expanding knowledge beyond the classroom.

  • Holistic Development: Foster life skills and critical thinking through 'Life Skills' activities, encouraging strategic thinking and responsible computer usage.

Immerse in a transformative learning experience, where technology meets education, with the Online With Computers Course Book for Class 6 Equip young learners with essential skills, ensuring they thrive in the digital age.

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About the Book

A sincere attempt has been made to revise this series titled ‘ONLINE WITH COMPUTERS’ from Classes 1 to 8. There are numerous new additions and re-arrangement to the previous contents in order to facilitate better learning and understanding of the concepts. Though more stress has been laid on making the language easier, added illustrations, screenshots and practical work also help students in better understanding. 

This series is based on the latest CCE guidelines of CBSE and has also taken into account the present and future syllabi needs of various prestigious boards of National repute. For all round development of each child’s personality, assessments in Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic aspects of the pupil’s growth have been taken into consideration. There are numerous Summative and Formative assessments at the end and during the course of the chapters.

This series has been revised and updated with much labour and inputs after interacting with various scholars and eminent persons of the computer field. It will definitely enable students in self-education, and broaden their horizon.

Each chapter in the series has a separate outline, plenty of illustrations, and subject matter along with screenshots of Windows XP and Office 2003 for explanation and easy understanding. 

The salient features of this book are

  • Chapter Outline at the start of each chapter.
  • Revision of subject matter covered in previous classes, wherever required.
  • Definitions and important statements are highlighted.
  • Hot Hint gives extra guidance with specific topic.
  • Time Savers are shortcuts to help you save time in completing a task.
  • Knowledge Key is extra information that adds to the knowledge about software.
  • Rehearse provides practical exercise to complete in practical time.
  • Warning to helps learners to steer clear of unwanted results.
  • Websites to Visit provides links to the reference material on the Internet about topics covered.
  • Value Words at the end of chapter are explanations of important terms.
  • Memorise section is the summary of the chapter.
  • Practical Practice provides the exercise to do in computer lab.
  • Life skills section helps children to develop different strategies to work on computer.
  • Numerous exercises in the chapter, at the end along with activities.
  • Teacher’s Note is included at the end of each chapter suggesting intuitive ways to teach a chapter.
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Format Digital Book
Type Course Book
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