Class 4




By - Neelima Jain

Science Success with Online Support for Class 4 (2022 Edition)

ISBN/SKU: 9788183895675

Key Highlights

  1. Online Interactive Platform: Dive into an immersive learning experience with access to an online platform, providing additional resources and interactive quizzes.

  2. Expert Authorship: Crafted by Neelima Jain, an expert in K-12 education, ensuring the content is pedagogically sound and age-appropriate.

  3. Concept Reinforcement: The inclusion of hands-on activities and assessments reinforces understanding and promotes a holistic learning approach.

  4. CBSE Aligned: Specifically designed to align with the CBSE board curriculum, ensuring seamless integration into the school curriculum.

  5. Engaging Visuals: Vibrant illustrations and visually appealing design capture the attention of young learners, making the study of science enjoyable.

  6. Comprehensive Learning: Beyond the classroom, the book and online support provide a comprehensive learning package, fostering independent study and skill development.

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About the Book

The series Science Success comprises a set of eight books for the children of Classes 1 to 8. It fulfils the vision of National Curriculum Framework (NCF) meant for the schools affiliated to CBSE and other schools affiliated to various State Education Boards. This series emphasises meaningful learning of science for the overall development of learners. It focuses on helping children understand their natural environment and correlate science with their everyday experiences in an interesting and comprehensive manner.

The text has been designed with beautiful illustrations to help children develop skills of observation, investigation and scientific attitude.

Components of this Series are:

  • Science Success Text Books, Introductory and Books 1 to 8 for Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle Classes.
  • Science Success Teacher's Resource Books 1 to 8.
  • Interactive CDs for Books 1 to 8.
  • Online Support for Books 1 to 8.

The series has been designed for teaching a basic course in science and includes various Key Features (Tools) to fulfill needs and requirements of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

A. LEARNING TOOLS (Books 1 to 5)

These Tools help students to gain knowledge, understand concepts at a quick pace and retain it in their memory.

  • Let's Learn About: Gives a view of the chapter content or main topics.
  • Activity Time : Includes some interesting activities to develop linkage with topic being learnt.
  • Let's Experiment : Simple experiments to make the understanding of the concept being taught crystal clear.
  • Let's Know More : Gives extra information about the topics covered.
  • Let's Memorise : Contains all the difficult terms along with their meanings from the whole chapter.
  • Let's Revise : Gives a quick recap of the chapter.

B. ASSESSMENT TOOLS (Books 1 to 5)

These Tools test the understanding and knowledge of concepts through Exercises, Revision- practice and Life Skill techniques.

  • Let's Recall: Provides in-text exercises to evaluate the concept being covered.
  • Let's Do : Contains some interesting exercises based on pictures, puzzles or a word-box.
  • Let's Answer: Provides a variety of questions graded under various heads.
  • Let's Acquire : Gives an opportunity to show the values present in oneself.
  • Let's Think and Answer: Gives an opportunity to think and analyse the information.
  • Let's Enhance Our Life Skills : Provides the situations to use the skills developed.

Additional Tools

Teacher's Resource Books

  • Plan to achieve the Learning Objectives to guide the teachers with effective teaching techniques.
  • Overview of the Lesson to help teachers easily recapitulate the finer points of the lesson.
  • Complete Solution-key of the Text Books.

Online Support

  • Animated Lessons
  • Animated Activities
  • Interactive Exercises including True or False, MCQs, Fill in the blanks, Odd one out, Drag and drop, Label the diagrams, Match the columns, Word scramble, etc.
  • Science Dictionary
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