Class 1


Social Studies


By - Venu Tulsi

Social Studies Success with Online Support for Class 1 (2022 Edition)

ISBN/SKU: 9788183895699

Key Highlights

  1. CBSE Board Certification: Certified by CBSE, ensuring adherence to the board's rigorous educational standards for Class 1 students.

  2. Expert Author Venu Tulsi: Benefit from the expertise of Venu Tulsi, a seasoned educator with 15 years of experience, providing a curriculum aligned with cognitive development.

  3. Foundational Learning: Establishes a solid foundation in history, geography, and civics, paving the way for more advanced studies.

  4. Online Support for Enhanced Learning: Access to online resources enriches the educational experience, offering additional materials and interactive tools.

  5. Visually Stimulating Content: Engaging visuals make learning enjoyable, aiding in better comprehension and retention.

  6. Interactive Learning Experience: The inclusion of online quizzes and activities ensures dynamic learning, encouraging active participation and understanding.

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About the Book

The series SOCIAL STUDIES SUCCESS is a set of five books for students of Classes 1 to 5. It is strictly according to the latest National Curriculum Framework (NCF) meant for schools affiliated to CBSE and other schools affiliated to various State Education Boards. Each book in the series is supplemented with ANIMATED CD, TEACHER'S RESOURCE BOOK, ONLINE SUPPORT and E-BOOK for teachers.

This innovative series opens up new vistas for the students. They are led step by step towards an understanding of themselves, their homes, families and their environment. This knowledge, in turn, leads them to understand the role they have to play in this rapidly changing and ever-shrinking world.

Salient features of the Course Books :

  • Learner-centred and Activity-based Approach.
  • Captivating photographs and illustrations.
  • DID YOU KNOW : Gives interesting information related to the subject matter.
  • THINGS I HAVE LEARNT : Summarises important points in the lesson for easy recapitulation.
  • KEY WORDS : Gives difficult words and their meanings.
  • THINK AND ANSWER : Various types of Assignments for Summative Assessment.
  • DO AND LEARN : Various types of Assignments for Formative Assessment.
  • LIFE SKILLS : Includes activities and themes to help children lead a productive and fruitful life.
  • SURF AND LEARN : Includes various website for enhancing the knowledge of students.

Salient features of other Components :

  • ANIMATED CD : Contains animated lessons to make the concepts and the contents easy to understand.
  • TEACHER'S RESOURCE BOOK : Contains an overview of the lesson, teaching plan and answers to textbook questions.
  • ONLINE SUPPORT : Contains animated lessons, interactive exercises, maps, photos, glossary, facts, important days and milestones.
  • E-BOOK FOR TEACHERS: Incorporates a number of tools to allow the teachers to play animated lessons, highlight, hide and reveal the text and insert notes.
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