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By - Dr. Preeti Saxena

Gateway to Science Biology for Class 10 (2024 Edition)

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About the Book

I take sincere pride in presenting Gateway to Science-Biology for Class 10, written strictly according to the NCERT Textbook and the latest rationalized Syllabus and Examination Pattern prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. It has been written keeping in view the needs of the students as well as the teachers.
Biology, which includes the study of living organisms and different life processes, plays an important role in understanding the complex forms of life. It is a very interesting subject that helps students to see the holistic view of life and gives them a much better understanding of different living beings, and how they interact with their environment. If a student adopts a systematic learning approach like drawing, labeling, and writing detailed explanations along with experimentation, it will make him/her experience a joyful journey of learning.
Key Features of this Book
L Explanation of concepts in simple and easy language
L Focus on enhanced learning and creating an interest for the subject
L Topic-wise video lectures to support effective learning
L Clear and concise presentation of the content
L Emphasis on building the concept
L Relevant visualization for better understanding
L Some really interesting and informative text (information) given under YOU MUST KNOW, related to the respective chapters
L Simple Hands-on Experiments under Activity to show the fun aspect of learning to the students.
L Well-designed exercises to assess conceptual, reasoning, skill, and application-based learning as per the latest recommendations of the CBSE board
L Chapter-wise competency-based test questions
L Exhaustive questions for each chapter categorized into Multiple-choice, Assertion and Reason- based, Very Short, Short, Long, and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skill) based questions
L Chapter-wise NCERT Textbook exercise questions with solutions
L As per the latest pattern of examination, Case Study questions in each chapter
L Glossary, a vocabulary section comprising the definitions of the important terms given in the chapters
I am confident that the students and the teachers will find this book beneficial and valuable. The constructive suggestions for further improvement of this book will be highly appreciated.

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