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Data Science - A Trending Career Option

What is Data Science?


Almost all the businesses now focus on generating and retaining big data. They are more into data analytics and this has created a huge demand for professionals who can mine and interpret data.  Such persons who analyse this data and figure out just what can be done with it are called data scientists.


There are many career options in the field of data science and one of the most lucrative among them is that of a data scientist. It is one of the most trending career options for young people in the 21st century.


Job of a Data Scientist


A data scientist works in a similar way as a data analyst but his role involves an additional duty of developing machine learning models that can make future predictions based on the past data. They have to think like a mathematician and computer scientist and are given more freedom in pursuing their own ideas and experimenting with them so that new trends in data analysis could be found.

Data scientists operate between the business and information technology (IT) and analyze complex datasets for companies. They may be asked to assess how a change in marketing strategy could affect a company’s bottom line. 


Skills Required for Becoming a Data Scientist


You can become a data scientist by getting training in skills like analysis, machine learning, statistics, Hadoop, etc. Also to become a successful data scientist you will have to develop critical thinking and problem solving and great communication abilities. This industry offers you many opportunities and one can surely become a data scientist by getting the right education and qualifications.

Job Titles for a Data Scientist

1. Data Mining Engineer- A data mining engineer analyzes data and also creates algorithms that further analyse data.

2. Data Architect- Data architects prepare blueprints for data management systems that can be used to centralize, maintain, and protect data sources.

3. Business Intelligence Analyst- This work profile requires figuring out market and business trends by data analysis.

4. Data Scientist- A data scientist uses business analytics to demonstrate the impact of data on a company in the future. 

5. Senior Data Scientist- A senior data scientist predicts the future needs of a business and also analyses data to resolve complex business problems in an efficient manner.

Career prospects: 


The career prospects for a data scientist are huge. After becoming a data scientist you become entitled for the post of senior data scientist. The salary in this field is very lucrative as it is a booming industry. You can further enhance your skills and become a machine learning expert or a machine learning engineer, which will result in a hike in your pay. You can also get up to the management position with roles like lead data scientist.

Thus this career is one of the best options for young people and has tremendous prospects as a career of the future.


Data Science Requires You to Excel in Maths and Science

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