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Know about the Streams that You Can Choose After Class 10th

Know about the Streams that You Can Choose After Class 10th

A student’s career takes its first shape after 10th. After clearing the class 10 exams the student is made to decide which stream to choose from Science, Commerce and Arts. Such first-hand experience in decision making prepares the student for adulthood.It also affects the future decisions that students have to make.

It is most often seen that the parents decide the stream for their children. Sometimes a student ends up choosing a stream just because his or her friend has chosen the same. This is not the ideal scenario as we all have different interests and our career choices should be made accordingly. One student many be fond of Arts subjects, other may have an interest in Science and astronomy, so it should be left to the student to choose the stream which he/she wants to pursue further.

However, most of the times students find it difficult to decide which stream to choose and what to study next. Here is information on different streams (Arts, Commerce and Science) and the career options they provide. This information will help students make a wise decision.


Science offers a thriving career option as it open your doors to the fields like engineering, medical, IT.It also gives you the flexibility to enter into fields related to other streams like Arts and Commerce.


Commerce provides many career prospects just like Science. If you are interested in numbers, finances and economics, you must opt for Commerce Stream. After taking commerce one can opt for further studies in ManagementActuarial Science, Chartered Accountancy, or Finance and a lot more.

Arts/ Humanities

Arts/Humanities provides some interesting career options. It offers ample career options that are no less in comparison to Science and Commerce.

After passing with Arts stream you can make career in writing, journalism, teaching and get into administrative services etc.

Stream-independent career options

You can also opt for other stream-independent career options like certification courses like digital marketing, content writing, courses in artificial intelligence and data science etc.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Stream

1. Choose a stream in which your have interest and passion.

2. Decide upon your skills and abilities.

3. Consider opinion of others.

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